DeNavi's Traditional Christmas Plum Puddings, made with suet.

DeNavi's Christmas Puddings will be available to purchase online soon.

Due to technical difficulties the online purchasing is not currently available.We are working to rectify this ASAP.

Pickup in store will be available from Green Mango Cafe(next to the old store)

 DeNavi’s Christmas Plum Puddings are made using a traditional recipe that requires loving care and attention to every detail.

Delicious raisins,currants and sultanas are soaked for a week till they are nice and plump.Then ,using fresh ingredients such as  apples, lemons ,oranges and farm fresh eggs we create the traditional  pudding mixture. Including fresh suet that is sourced from local suppliers and prepared by hand . The suet binds the mixture together and makes it more moist than using butter.  The pudding mixture is then left to age for a week before being gently steamed.

The result is a delicious, rich plum pudding to be savoured with friends and family -  a reminder that tradition can be well worth celebrating.

DeNavi’s Christmas Plum Puddings are best served with your favourite brandy sauce and a delicious vanilla bean ice cream.